Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little Respite - Then Diving into Writing

Having promised the protagonist of my next novel that I'll start writing his book within the next month, I have my work cut out for me in the weeks ahead. However, having presented two--yes, that's TWO--classes at the ANWA Writers Conference over the weekend, I need a little respite before I dive into the deep waters of the writing experience.

Besides my own need for physical rejuvenation, my house could use a little attention. Er, make that a LOT of attention. Papers are piled up on every flat surface, including the floor. I've managed--just barely--to keep my bills paid, but that's mostly due to the miracle of auto payments, for which I am very grateful. A question asked in a church meeting the week before chilled me to the bone: "What if the Internet went away?"

I think we all have become very accustomed to that miracle, but I suppose it's a big possibility that it could disappear someday. Certainly it could if people without scruples decided it would suit their agenda for that to happen.

But I'm wandering off track. The question above needs my attention in another venue, not this one.

I need more sleep to catch up on the deprivation under which I've been coasting along. I need a few good meals. I also need to locate a good local dentist who happens to be on my dental plan. Good luck to me in that!

I hate going to see the dentist, any dentist, and I hate even more that I haven't secured one who wouldn't make me feel guilty about the stretch of years during which I haven't had dental coverage and/or the money/desire to see one.

Alas and alack! The time has come. I'm paying in pain. Even with my high tolerance for pain, I've reached my limit. This weekend was almost unendurable due to the pain in my mouth. I hope my face didn't reflect that fact. I tried as much as I could to mask it. Now I have to spend my respite time finding someone to put me into more pain. When that wears off, I can begin to write in peace.

Do any dentist suggestions come to your mind?

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