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Sweet Saturday Samples - September 15, 2012

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The sample below from Spinster's Folly is a short scene showing Bill Henry again, as he agonizes over something that has happened to Marie at the barn-raising. I hope you enjoy it.

Bill watched Tom descend from the wagon. The farmer glanced around the crowd, and when he had found Bill, he locked eyes with him. He stalked closer, and as soon as he had his face up next to Bill's, he growled, "You keep away from my woman. You ain't got any claim on her, filthy cowhand."

He wanted to deck the man, but balled his fists tightly at his sides instead, to keep from flinging himself into a fight. Brawling wouldn't help Miss Marie, and it might upset her if she came to herself to hear a ruckus going on. He compressed his lips over clenched teeth.

Tom, evidently thinking him a coward, made a derisive noise, roughly barged into Bill's shoulder as he passed him, and started off through the crowd.

He let him go on his way without a word, but moved up toward the wagon again, kneading his arm to release the pain. It was much less than the pain in his heart, knowing Marie was lost to him, but neither one could match the anxiety he felt for her welfare now. He reached the wagon and saw that Marie lay—still and pale—on the floor of the wagon box. A wash of nausea attacked his stomach. Then he saw that her chest moved slightly, and he let out the breath he didn't know he was holding. She lived!

Mrs. Owen sat herself beside Marie and gently lifted the girl's head into her lap, talking softly to her all the while. She pulled a small vial from her apron pocket, unstoppered it, and held it in front of Marie's nose.

After a short pause, the girl reacted, pulling away from the strong odor of ammonia that he could smell from where he was standing. Marie's hand came up, futilely batting at the vial.

"There now, easy, girl. Come back to us," Mrs. Owen crooned.

Marie opened her eyes and said, "Ma?"

Bill's heart stopped beating for a moment, then lurched back into rhythm. She knew her mother. Mayhap she would recover.


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  1. I love this scene. You did a great job of showing Bill's character. Not many men would forego a confrontation the way Bill did, out of consideration for Marie. You've created a sympathetic hero, and I want the best for him. Good writing.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I agree. Most men would have let their frustrations lead them to take up the implied challenge. I guess we know who cares for Marie and who doesn't. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sharon. I appreciate your visit and comment.

  3. Definitely great thoughtfulness on Bill's part. Thanks for sharing these insights. And thanks for visiting my sample.

  4. Nice sample! Bill sounds like a really good guy.

  5. I really like Bill's attitude. Marie would be so much better off with him. I recently finished reading The Man From Shenandoah, which I loved, but I do think Rod Owen is the world's worst matchmaker! Looking forward to the rest of the books in the series!

  6. I like Bill. He has character, not just brawn.


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