Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Author Interview: Terri Ferran

I'm delighted to be the lead post to begin the Book Blog Tour for  Terri Ferran's latest novel, Choosing Charity. The novel will launch on August 11.

Terri writes LDS Inspirational Fiction. She grew up in a small Colorado town that offered little in the way of entertainment. She escaped through reading (and later on a Continental Trailways bus), and although the town didn't have a library, she eagerly anticipated the coming of the Bookmobile and would check out stacks of books at a time. 

Moving to Utah as a high school senior, Terri joined the LDS Church and met her husband, Tod. She dreamed of being a writer but took the safe route of becoming a CPA. She finally got brave enough to quit working in the world of numbers to pursue her dream of writing and also to spend more time with her children. Her first book, Finding Faith, was published in 2007 and she is excited to be living her dream of writing in real life.

Terri still loves to read, but she can usually be found writing, doing laundry, dishes, running errands, napping, eating chocolate, or exercising (not necessarily in that order).

Here is information on the Choosing Charity Book Launch party on August 11:

Choosing Charity is the third book in the Faith, Hope and Charity trilogy, following Having Hope. Here's the novel's description:
When Kit learns that her biological mother wants to meet her, it seems her perfect life is about to come tumbling down. With a new job, a husband she adores, and friends all around her, can Kit possibly be expected to risk everything for a woman who left her in a dumpster to die?

Of course, love comes in many forms. Now Kit's about to learn that when faith and hope aren't enough, charity can make things right.

Terri, how long have you been writing and what made you start?
I was about three, and I’d have to blame that unattended box of crayons and the blank wall begging for graffiti.

You would think with that beginning, you would write children's books. What type of writer are you? Do you plan ahead/plot or do you simply fly by the seat of your pants?
    I’ve tried both methods. One book that is currently plotted out in its entirety on a white board in my office remains unwritten. My current WIP changes as I re-read the scribbles I’ve made while waiting for things—the plane to take off, the light to change, the officer to finish writing the ticket.

I have a book like that, too. Plotting in detail seems to derail my ideas. How do you choose your characters' names?
    The main character’s name usually comes first as part of the idea of the book. For the supporting characters I start with a random name which almost always changes as the character develops.

What is your daily schedule like?

    A lot of procrastination peppered liberally with checking email, random tasks (e.g. cleaning the gum from under the desk), and self-recrimination that I wasted another day. I usually start writing in earnest about thirty minutes before my husband gets home from work so I can’t be interrupted by stopping to make dinner. He is really good at making spaghetti.

Where do you get your inspiration to write?

    If I wait for inspiration, I never write. I’ve found I have to make myself sit down and start the process. A few minutes (or hours) into it, the words begin to flow, and then it feels inspired and I get that rush of having created something. 

Do you write with music playing? If so, is the music likely to be songs with lyrics or only instrumentals?
    No music. I have noise sensitivity. I would even duct tape my children’s mouths shut if they didn’t hide the duct tape and didn’t run faster than me.

What food or snack keeps the words flowing?
    Diet Coke

How did you break into publishing?
    After writing my first “inspired” book, my first rejection was from Deseret Book (I’m pretty sure Lisa Mangum was having an off day!), followed by a rejection from a couple of other publishers. I put the manuscript away for about six months figuring it would never be published. I was reading Julie Wright’s book To Catch a Falling Star, and it reminded me of my book so I looked at the publisher. It was Cedar Fort—a publisher I hadn’t submitted to. I sent it to them and they accepted it!

What surprised you the most about being a published author?
    The unrelenting fame, money, and constant hounding by the paparazzi. Or maybe just how little money you actually make. I get the two confused.

Ha ha ha! What do you like to do when you're not writing?
    I love to go boating with my family, read, and spoil my grandchildren.

Thank you, Terri.

To find out more about Terri, visit her website here.
Other Books in the Series:

Finding Faith (#1)
Having Hope (#2)

Purchase links for Choosing Charity:
Barnes and Noble

Cedar Fort

As part of her blog tour, Terri is generously offering a grand prize giveaway of the Faith, Hope, and Charity trilogy, including hard copies of Finding Faith, Having Hope, and Choosing Charity. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post or any of the other stops on the tour. (Visit the tour page for the full tour schedule.) The more stops you comment on, the more entries you have into the contest!


  1. Fantastic post Marsha! Thanks so much for being part of the tour!

  2. Sounds like an interesting book and a fascinating author - I enjoyed hearing her publication story!

  3. They sound like good reads to me! Thanks for the interview Terri and Marsha. Marsha, I've enjoyed the Owen Family Saga and look forward to reading more of your work. :-)

  4. Thanks for a great interview! (I remember bookmobiles too!) I'm definitely adding Terri's books to my TBR list.


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