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Book Review: A Woman's Power: Threads That Bind Us to God, by Fay A. Klingler

Fay A. Klingler is an LDS writer with an Advertising and Commercial Art degree and much experience blending her writing skills with her art, illustrating and writing articles and books. When the need to support herself and her family by herself came, her abilities and experience as an editor and writer provided their income.

Fay has written on topics ranging from family activities to railroad safety, oil refinery procedures to inspiration for women. Now she primarily focuses on materials for women and the family. She loves writing about healthy lifestyles, cooking, family fun, and time management.

She believes passionately in the positive power of mothers. Because of her experience, she can write to all sizes of traditional families, single-parent families, blended families, multi-cultural families, and grandparents. She is often asked to speak about writing and editing at writers’ conferences, or to be a presenter for organizations dedicated to strengthen the home and family.

She and her husband live in Utah, and are the parents of twelve children between them, with thirty-five grandchildren.

Fay's latest book, to be released on March 13 by Cedar Fort, Inc., is A Woman's Power: Threads That Bind Us to God.

The back cover copy says:

In today’s chaotic world, many women feel like they’re hanging on by a single, fraying thread. But as daughters of God, we’re blessed with lifelines from above. All we have to do is reach up and grab hold of them.

A Woman’s Power, from beloved author Fay A. Klingler, simply and beautifully illustrates which threads have the strength and power to carry women of virtue to safety, peace, and lasting happiness. Perfect for women everywhere, this inspiring work will help you hold fast to the divinity within you as you learn just how powerful a faithful woman can be.

Book Details:

  • Title: A Woman's Power: Threads That Bind Us to God
  • Author: Fay A. Klinger
  • Hardcover: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (March 13, 2012)
  • Genre: Non- Fiction/Religious(LDS)
  • ISBN-10: 1462110290
  • ISBN-13: 978-1462110292
Fay's son produced a lovely book video for A Woman's Power:

Fay has lined up a blog tour to let readers know of its availability. Today is my turn to review her book.

Not only is this a book of empowerment, it's a book of exhortation, and of comfort:
One day I drove to my son Marcus’s home to deliver a family history I had just completed for him. I mentioned something about how difficult it was for our pioneer ancestors and how amazing it was for them to remain faithful under such hardships. His response stunned me. With passion he said, “Which is more damaging to your salvation—immorality or suffering death due to hunger? In some parts of the world, they’re both ever-present issues. Hardship due to exposure affects your attitude and faith, but getting caught up in the base deconstruction of society and immorality while sitting in a warm, cozy house is far more powerful and seductive.”

Fay goes on to tell us:

My father once said to me, “It doesn’t matter what happens to you. What matters is how you react to what happens to you.” Will our choices draw us closer to the Lord or bitterly away?

Here we can’t mince words, for ours is not an easy path. We are in a period of earth’s history when many individuals are taking a stand with Satan. But we have what it takes to stand for the right! It is doable. It is expected. And each time we choose the right and turn to the Lord, we grow in strength, confidence, insight, and wisdom. Depending on our choices, the bad things that happen to us can confirm our faith as it shapes our lives for the better. We then become increasingly aware of who and what we are and less fearful and more effective in our service.

The chapter titles give us a hint of the principles Fay addresses: Identity, Prayer, The Word of God, Awareness, Obedience, Goal Setting, Supporting Each Other, and Patience. Using personal examples she has gained throughout her years of growth and church service, as well as examples related to her and talks from General Authorities of the LDS Church, Fay helps us understand how a life lived in accordance with Gospel principles binds us to God, our Father, as He has promised, and we can become His Daughters, heirs of all He hath.

This book is worth reading. Although it is short, Fay has packed it full of insights that will ring true and help us in our daily walk.

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