Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopping Miracle

I really lucked out last week.

Since I'm going on a road trip sometime in the future, I needed to find a long-sleeved, light-weight shirt, preferable white, preferable gauzy (because I like gauzy fabrics, and they're usually wrinkle-free). This is because long hours spent traveling in a car can cause significant arm sunburns if you take certain medications. I take one such medication, and was just about to tear out my hair. Why?

All the catalogs from which I buy clothing are into summer clothing sales. Summer clothing includes shorts, peddle pushers, and sleeveless tops, all of which I abhor, and some three-quarter-length-sleeved shirts, which don't suit my purpose of covering my arms sufficiently to prevent sunburn on them.

Then, on a day trip to the Valley, I spotted the perfect solution: a white tab-sleeved shirt (you roll up the full-length sleeves and use a little tab with a button to keep them at 3/4 length) in seersucker. I bought it a size big so I can used it to layer over another top or blouse, and now I have my wonderful skin-saver. Huzzah!


  1. Awesome luck! Finding a full sleeve shirt is hard during this time of year. Even the winter cloths on clearance are all but out of stock.

    It's great that you'll be able to go on your trip without burning. After all, nobody like looking like a lobster, even if they are yummy. ;)

  2. Yeah! I love it when that happens. Shopping can be so frustrating sometimes. It's so nice to actually find what you're looking for.

  3. Did you try They always seem to have the right thing, even during the wrong season!


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