Sunday, March 06, 2011

Is This the TITLE?

It's been a bit uncomfortable for me this time around, writing a novel without some semblance of a title to stick on it. Up to now, I've been referring to my WIP as Owen Fam 4, but that is highly unsatisfactory.

After saying "meh" to hundreds of titles, I've arrived at one that makes my heart quiver in delicious, secret delight. Will it do the same for you?

Here it is:

Miss Owen Trips

I know you're going, "Huh?" It's okay. At least it's a working title, and there are several levels of reasons this works for the novel. It's better than "Heedless" or "Unwise and Unwary" or "Unwise Eyes and Lying Lips". When you read the book, at last, it will all come right.

So, what do you think? First impressions? Thoughts? Reactions?

You hate it. That's okay. Tell me why.


  1. Not what I expected. Truthfully it is a rather plain title but if you like it and it works for now then go for it. ; )

  2. After I got over the initial image of her actually tripping on the sidewalk and falling face first I thought about her taking road trips, trips to faraway places, or perhaps a mind trip like she's gone crazy. Ooooooo. Do I ask which one it is? :) Nice mystery within a simple title.

  3. That's succinct, Vicki, kinda like the title, yes?

    Valerie, don't hold back. Tell me what you really think. :-)

    Karen, Jessie Bingham already did the fall-flat-on-her-face kind of tripping in TRAIL OF STORMS, so no. That's not the one. Definitely not an acid/LSD trip, not in the late 1860s. I won't rule out road trips or anguish, though. A mystery, indeed!

    Now to get a cover made. I love the wistful look, almost consternation, in the sketch, but I need it more intense, verging upon fright; and the costume must be true to the period. Hmm, should she be clutching a butcher knife in that fist? Bwahahaha!

    Cover artists, contact me at BR549. (That's a joke. Leave a comment.)

  4. What I think is funny is that you are managing to write the whole thing without a title to begin with! I don't think I've ever written even a short story or a poem without a title first...that is always what fixes a story in my mind first of all!

  5. I always come up with the title last. Until then, it's "Triston and Siri's story" or "Rob and Marguerite's story", etc. I'm terrible with titles. Only ever came up with two that I actually liked!


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