Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day, Resolution and Other Things

Andrew Malcolm's take on the history of Veterans Day in the LA Times, plus Pres. Obama's speechifying in Korea.

For some reason, I'm not handling past traumas well this year. Therefore, I think I need to make a resolution not to blog, tweet, use social media sites, initiate or answer email, or otherwise interact with human beings I don't want to hurt or offend on any of the days that might trigger depression and bad memories for me.

Sheesh, that includes a lot of birthdays, death dates, anniversaries, holidays, etc. I had a particularly bad meltdown on my wedding anniversary, so I think I'll spend it in bed in the future. I could certainly use the sleep! Just checked my calendar for the next possible bad day. It shows that I'm supposed to travel and attend a board meeting. Not good.

In other news, I finally changed the low battery in my phone answering unit, so you'll hear my voice again. I was delight to find that the screw opening the compartment holding the battery was attached to the cover. Nice! It's awful when you lose a tiny screw as you open something.

Another cousin joined Facebook and found me.

Last night was quite cold. Fall weather, with most of the leaves off the trees already, has morphed into winter weather.

I saw a squirrel on a walk yesterday. This is "destecable" because it was so close to me, and seemingly unafraid. Should I, therefore, be afraid? Was it possibly rabid? Or was it simply used to humans?

There's apparently no Spanish/English cognate for the verb destecar and its relatives. I guess destacable as I used it above means "something that stands out," "notable," or "newsworthy" in English. It's a little weird that, even after 40 years, sometimes I need a foreign word to express my precise meaning.

Something, something, something undoubtedly quite brilliant, but lost forever because it didn't stay long enough in the forefront of my mind. Lately, ADHD is a terrible pain!

My computer is making strained noises. I think another fan is giving up the ghost.

I haven't yet found the electronic device in my house that is chirping. It probably wants a new battery. If I could find the device, I would put a new battery in it.

Enough trivia. Have a good day, and for all you writers out there doing NaNo or a BIAM, write hard!


  1. I'm so sorry that big events are hard for you. I hope you have a good day anyway!

  2. Hey, sweetie, I lose screws all the big deal! The only thing wrong with this world is it doesn't do things to our command. Just doesn't seem to acknowledge who is queen, right? So if you have a bit of trouble remembering give me a buzz and I'll curtsy and remind you. (Then when I'm low you can do the will cheer us both up.) Now put on a happy face and write one happy paragraph...for the rest of us depressed people.


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