Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chocolate Roses

I recently attended the LDStorymakers' writers conference in Utah. While there, I picked up several books I want to read. One of them is Chocolate Roses by Joan Sowards. I enjoyed Joan's previous book, Haunts Haven, so much, I believe I'll get a good read from her new book, as well.

The subtitle is "A Jane Eyre Parody," so I'm looking forward to laughter. Maybe. The back cover says:

She’s in love . . .
He’s out of reach . . .
Is there any hope?

Janie Rose Whitaker’s world revolved around her chocolate shop until Roger Wentworth and his young daughter moved into the apartment across from Janie’s. Anyone would think Roger fit the mold of the “perfect” guy, but soon Janie discovers secrets that could keep them apart forever. Though she resists getting involved in Roger’s complicated life, they are drawn further into a bittersweet relationship.
I'll let you know later if Janie and Roger work it all out.


  1. That sound so good, I will have to pick that book up.
    Anna del C.
    Author of "The Silent Warrior Trilogy"

  2. Oooohh! That sounds right up my alley! I will have to get my hands on that!

  3. Thanks for posting about Chocolate Roses, Marsha!

  4. Sounds like a fun book!

  5. Sounds like an interesting book! I wonder if it'll be funny too. You'll have to let us know.

    I was so sad I couldn't make it to LDStorymakers this year. So many friends were there! I guess there's always next year...

    But I'm glad I found your blog and doubly glad when I saw that you're in Payson! I'm in Flagstaff. :o)


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