Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Year is Rushing to a Close!

Wow! Thanksgiving celebrations are over and November has finished up. It seems like a headlong dash is occurring toward December 31. Where has the year gone?

I've stuffed a lot of things into this past year, and I'm not going to name them all off for you. Take my word. I've done a lot!

I will mention the new territory I've dipped my foot into, becoming a member of Twitter early in the year, and last December, joined Facebook, where I also have a Fan Page. I also produced an eBook of my first novel, The Man from Shenandoah, which is available in ten versions at Smashwords.com. I created a new book trailer for it as well, which is on YouTube.com and below.

I just finished the Spanish Glossary I'm adding to the upcoming eBook version of Ride to Raton, so that should go up this week. Icing on the cake is that Trail of Storms received enough nominations from fans to be in the running for a Whitney Award. Life is good.

Remember that books make excellent gifts for all occasions. All my novels are available at my website and at online booksellers. Save an Author. Buy a Book!

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