Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love Readers!

A sweet grandmother who visits our church from time to time bought my three novels a few weeks back. I've been wondering how she would react to them.

Today she hailed me out in the parking lot before church, and told me she's read all three and couldn't put them down! She sent them to her daughter-in-law, who can't be interrupted just now, since she's reading them and can't put them down either. They'll go next to another daughter-in-law. I told her I'm working on book four, and she was excited. Her first DIL was asking if there would be a sequel.

I'm so happy!

Remember, readers have power! Go put a review or a comment about a book you've read on its respective page at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you belong to Goodreads, post the book and do a review. You have no idea how much your actions of this sort raise the spirits of authors. Doing this also influences other people to take a chance on buying and reading that book.

Thank you.


  1. That is exciting. I can't wait for things like that.

  2. Yeah! Way to go, Marsha!I wonder if she truly knows how wonderful you've blessed thousands of people. Marsha. :)


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