Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Review: Trail of Storms

When I got home from my Grand Adventure, I started getting caught up with my mail. I noticed that the current issue of Roundup Magazine, published by Western Writers of America, contains a new review of my latest novel, Trail of Storms. Whoopee!

The uncredited author of the review (yes, I asked her if she wrote it) is award-winning author C.K. Crigger, whose long- and short-form fiction crosses genres from fantasy to time-travel to mystery to Western. Since the review appeared in a print magazine, I have posted it on the Review page of my website. Click here or on the link to the right to see it in its entirety.

Here's a part of her review that particularly tickles me:

"Ward has written another of her gritty, fact-filled family sagas. Peopled with folks harboring complex emotions and striving always to do right within the confines of their values, her characters' lives tend to get real messy. How they solve their many problems is always an education in story-telling, and Ward excels in doing that."

Nice! Thanks, C.K.!

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