Monday, June 15, 2009

Weirded Out and Disappointed

Some of you know I've been under the weather the past few days. I'm slowly regaining strength, but it's been a weird weekend.

Not only is it weird to lose several days to illness, but I recently read a book that disturbed me. Here's the thing. The fact that this book was published by any credible publisher is what threw me for a loop. It was poorly written, had little plot, mis-used words right and left, and the formatting of the print edition was abominable (not the author's fault). Yet, at the time the book was published (and it wasn't the author's first), the author was said to be one of the publisher's best-selling authors.

At first I thought the publisher must be a boutique or hobby publisher, and that may still be the case since they're a small publisher, but today they seem to have a stable of authors in excess of seventy, and publish many titles, both in print and e-book formats, so I doubt it's just one person using multiple names to self-publish.

Beyond the disappointment that I paid good money for this sadly produced book, was my disappointment in the crux of the content: sex after alcohol, outside of marriage. This occurred after the heroine insisted that she wasn't the kind of girl who indulged in "causal" sex (used not once, but several times--where was that highly lauded editor?), and indeed, was a virgin, but fell happily into bed with the drunk hero because she promised she would do so to prevent a scene that might compromise his future.


My greatest disappointment, though, is that a person purporting to be of Christian faith would write such trash. Sorry, I won't be sampling the author's subsequent efforts.


  1. Your post brought up a point that has bothered me about certain LDS authors... Would it really have made it better if the character were married? Because to me, pornography is pornography. We have been instructed by our church leaders to avoid discussing (and therefore writing about) such intimate topics. It is very disappointing to me when authors who are LDS (or Christian) write about such sacred matters under the guise of marriage, trampling on its sanctity. It's a good idea to avoid these authors!!

  2. Hey, favorite mother-in-law,

    Well said, both of you! It’s so inappropriate to read about things like that, no matter the context. We shouldn’t put things in our minds that wouldn’t coincide with the 13th Article of Faith. What a great standard we’ve been given for our reading, writing, viewing, etc.

    I am so excited to read your newest book, Marsha! Since I know where you stand, I know your book will be held to that standard. Thank you for the wonderful legacy you are leaving for my children (your grandchildren)!


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