Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fun Stuff

Have you ever tried Google Alerts?

I have them set up on several word clusters, such as my name and the titles of my books.

Every day I get a report of the places on the Internet that mention a Marsha or a Ward, and sometimes they come together. Those are the best times. I get to meet my other selves as well as keep up with where I am talked about.

I also have found out that my novels are sold in such far-flung places as South Africa and India. Westerns are popular all over the world.

ANWA is evidently a real word/name in some languages, and people wanting to hitch a ride to Raton, New Mexico show up in these alerts. I also get a lot of weather reports about there being a "trail of storms" somewhere or other.

Fun stuff! Go here and give it a try.

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  1. Cool! I just started getting Google Alerts and it is quite fun. And interesting. And congrats on having your books selling throughout the world.


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