Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good News!

I found the file box of description cards that I mentioned in this blog. My son, who visited me over a year ago, organized a few things for me so that they would be more compact in my small home. For some odd reason, I was drawn to mess with the area of my living room where a basket was sitting. Guess what I found in there?

Yep! The file box.

I took all the cards out, gave them a thorough reading, and found, to my joy, that I had a lot of info on them that will help in future Owen Family novels. I also went to StoryCasting and entered a few more of my characters on the page for The Man from Shenandoah. I managed to find actors who approximate my images of these "people" I have worked with so closely over the years. One thing that highly amused me is that the picture on the card for the youngest daughter of Rod and Julia Owen, Julianna, is of Melissa Gilbert. Guess who my choice is--all these years after I created the cards--for Julia Owen?

Yep! Melissa Gilbert.

Why don't you go over to StoryCasting and let me know how you view my characters?

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