Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer Book Trek 2008

In the past, I've resisted signing up for the many and varied book-reading challenges that pop up every season. Not that I'm anti-reading. Just the opposite. I read constantly, so I haven't seen the need for taking up a challenge to read. I seldom feel that I need to proclaim the details to the world.

Except once, I published my 2007 "Books I Read" list here.

Now I've succumbed to the siren song of a reading challenge.

The LDS Fiction blog is sponsoring a no-pressure reading challenge. I can list ONE book by an LDS author to read this summer, if I like. If I want to win a prize, I'll need to post at least one review on my blog and link it to the LDS Fiction blog, but that's it!

Although I have a lot going on this summer, I think I can handle that.

There will be four books on my initial list, as I believe I can manage to read at least one book a month and an extra. In no particular order, they are:

  • Season of Sacrifice, by Tristi Pinkston
  • Heaven Scent, by Rebecca Talley
  • The Crayon Messages, by Christine Thackeray
  • Traitor, by Sandra Grey

I can add more books, if I read the whole list before the time runs out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Why not join me? Get the details here. As they say, "Reading is FUNdamental!"

Thanks for pointing me to this reading challenge, Stephanie.


  1. Marsha, thanks for joining in on the fun. I got your link fixed.

    Good list. I've read your first two, and am in the middle of your #4. Haven't read your other though. I'm interested to read your review of all of them.

  2. Yeah!! I get to be on Marsha's list!

  3. You're welcome, LDSP. Thanks for fixing the link.

    Tristi, I'm sorry to say that I was so busy getting my novel finished and off that I hadn't launched into your book yet. This reading challenge is actually a godsend.

  4. Hi Marsha. I'm doing this book challenge too. I have Traitor on my list. I've read the other ones already. I think you'll really like Tristi's book. The others too.

  5. Thanks for including mine. I hope you enjoy it :)

    This will be fun.

  6. Hi Karlene and Rebecca. Thanks for sharing. This will be fun.

    I knew I would be waiting for someone in town today, so I grabbed the first book at hand, and it was The Crayon Messages. It's witty and poignant. Christine's talent must be genetic, as she is the daughter of Jaroldeen Edwards, who, sadly, just passed away.

  7. I've read the first two. I'm really interested to hear about The Crayon Messages. "See" you on the Trek!

  8. Thanks for dropping in, Danyelle. I'll let you all know about The Crayon Messages when I finish it.

  9. Hi Marsha. Just wanted to let you know, I'm hosting my second annual Summer Reading Thing over on my blog. It starts this Friday, June 20th. The rules are similar to this one, very easy and you can use this same book list to double your chance at prizes. Hope you'll join me.


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