Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New and Improved?

I think if we didn't have adversity in all things, we certainly wouldn't appreciate the times when everything goes smoothly.

The latest adverse factor in my life is one that hurts me where I live--in my email inbox.

I didn't get the heads-up message from my provider that they were upgrading the email system on Monday. I did notice that the incoming posts were few and far between--and then they just STOPPED!

If you're not an email junkie, or someone who checks their incoming messages more than once a day, you won't understand the angst such a condition brings. For someone who lives tucked away in a rural forest, email is a lifeline. It's also the means of communication for several projects I have going on. When email stops coming in, I don't get the feedback, or the notification, or the answers to my interview questions. Or the pictures and bibliography information for the websites I update. Or the critiques from my CPs.

The sad fact is that I can email out, but not receive.

I finally checked with someone who shares my Internet provider. As writers, we both have alternative email addresses, and thankfully, our Internet connection still functions. She's not able to send out with her regular email, but can receive.

We've both sent in trouble tickets to the support crew. I got an email back (on my other email addy) that had an address to try that I wasn't familiar with. When I clicked on it, I was able to find a new webmail spot for me, and there were my messages, along with the notice that the upgrade would take place. Also, the website is offering alternative spots for logging in, so it's not just me. Something really isn't working right in the new system.

I still can't download messages to my computer, and I don't function well without my voluminous address book, but at least I can read and answer my email now. Eventually someone will figure out what went wrong and fix it. I hope I don't use up the capacity in my mailbox before then!

The moral of the story? When you hear the phrase "new and improved," or the word "upgrades," it's time to quake with fear!

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