Friday, March 07, 2008


Yesterday, the wind blew like the proverbial lion of March is supposed to do. I kept praying, "Please, don't let the electricity go out. Please don't let the phone line go out." Since I'm pretty much a self-imposed hermit in this tiny hamlet on the side of a mountain, the power and the phone line combine to keep me in touch with the world. High winds are my enemy.

I guess my Heavenly Father heard my prayers and didn't think they were too trivial. No power lines went down. The phone stayed on so I was connected to the Internet. I am so grateful!

Dial-up may be awful, but it's all I've got! I was able to send my manuscript for Trail of Storms out to a couple of readers. Today I will send it to a couple more. As soon as I get their comments, and make whatever changes they recommend that will strengthen the book, I'll be sending it to a publisher.

Wish me luck!

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