Sunday, February 03, 2008

Voices in My Head

Last night, Jessie Bingham kept waking me up. All. Night. Long.

She said that although she loves James Owen dearly, I had it all wrong. He wasn't supposed to be the Point-of-View character for the final scene of the novel I finished on Wednesday. It is her book, and she is supposed to wrap things up.


Finally, at about four a.m., I told her I would make a few notes, but that I wasn't going to get up and do changes right then, that my corneas had been scratched and I needed some serious closed-lids time to get them to rejuvenate. I made the notes and went back to bed. I promised I would change things after church.

She didn't take it with very good grace. Patience isn't one of Jessie's virtues yet. She harrassed me for two more hours, then gave up.

Two hours later, the alarm went off.

One of the big thrills of being a novelist is when characters become so real that they take a hand in their development and direct the novelist as to how the work should go.

My only complaint is, did she have to do it last night?


  1. I'll send some of my annoying characters over to chat with yours and then you can get some sleep, okay? :)

  2. Sure. Send them over. They can sit around my manuscript and critique it.

  3. jennifer griffith5:13 PM

    This reminds me of those fun Jasper Fforde novels about Thursday Next. Have you seen those yet, Marsha?


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