Monday, February 04, 2008

Snow Update

It snowed most of yesterday, then rained a bit during the evening and night, which made snow fall off the trees onto my roof--sounded like a herd of bobcats running around up there. It must have then snowed the rest of the night, as I woke up to several inches of accumulation. Judging from the tracks of a car on the road, it's about eight inches deep where the snowfall is not blocked by trees. I won't be driving anywhere anytime soon.

The trees above my roof. If it rains again, or when the temperature rises, all that snow will come down.

My car. Under all that snow I have a windshield snow protector/remover.

The roof of my neighbor's new "carport". They keep a golf cart there. It's under the blue tarp.

My deck. Note the footprints. From time to time I go brush the snow off my DirecTV dish so I'll have a picture if I want to turn on the TV and get the news.

Tracks in the snow on the road through the mobile home park. I'm not going to be driving out today! However, somebody had to go to work.

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  1. And there I was, thinking it never snowed in Arizona!


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