Friday, February 01, 2008

Preparing for Bad Weather

We're supposed to get another storm this weekend, so I went into town to get a few thing, including a reserved book from the library. I was supposed to get two, but somehow, I'm told, I messed up when I reserved the second book. I'll have to do it again, or wait to see what happens.

These are books that I need to read and judge for the Whitney Awards (the only two nominated books available in my tiny local library). I have a stack of my own previous purchases that I yanked out of their places in my To-Be-Read pile. I've also acquired several more by other means. Now that I've finished my novel, I need to launch big time into reading mode so I can turn in my ballot by midnight on February 20th.


One wonderful thing about bad weather, is that it is perfect for reading. Picture this: me curling up with a book beside the glow of a candle (in case the power goes off), wrapped in a comfy quilt and with a mug of hot chocolate at hand.


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