Monday, February 11, 2008

My Heart is Good

At least, that's what my cardiologist told me today.

He also said he'd see me in four months, and by the way, how about losing another 40 pounds?

Okay, back on the diet. At least I lost 2 1/2 pounds over the holidays!


  1. Since the average person gains five over the holidays, your holiday loss should count as 7.5!

    Good news on the heart!

  2. I agree with what Don said, congrats on not just maintaining your weight over the holidays, but actually decreasing it. Any tips you want to share on how that is done?

  3. Those extra 40 pounds are BECAUSE of your heart, Marsha. It's pure gold. You know how much gold weighs?

    It's wonderful to find a fellow fighter in the battle of the bulge. I've lost 30 pounds, but since that's hardly noticable on a rhino . . .

    I'm so glad to hear about the clean bill of health. You're one person the world just can't do without yet.

  4. Marsha,
    Glad to hear your heart is doing okay. And congrats on losing weight over the holidays--now THAT'S determination!


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