Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Now for a bit of blatant self-promotion

People ask how to get autographed copies of my novels. That's pretty easy if you live near me, as I have a stock of books at home and gladly scribble my "Marsha Ward" in the front when you buy one.

For those of you who don't live near me, I've put a link on my website to the catalog from my company, WestWard Books. You can go there to order my exciting Western novels for Christmas gifts for the man or woman in your life. Don't forget to read them yourselves, because both men and women enjoy them. These novels will make you laugh, touch your heart, and introduce you to people you will come to care about deeply. At least, that's what people tell me, so I'm passing that along.

Okay, now I'll crawl back into the woodwork like a good little mouse. At least I've done my book promotion for the week.

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