Monday, November 19, 2007

LDS Publisher's 2007 Christmas Story Contest

The blogosphere can be such fun.

I'm please to announce that I'm the sponsor of the "Reader's Choice: Published Author" category in LDS Publisher's 2007 Christmas Story Contest. My novel, The Man from Shenandoah, will be the prize for that winner.

Submission Rules:
  1. Write a Christmas story in any genre.
  2. Maximum word count: 1500
  3. Stories published anywhere other than your personal website or blog are ineligible. (That includes books, magazines, e-zines or other contests.)
  4. Stories submitted for last year's contest are also ineligible.
  5. Paste entire story into an e-mail. NO ATTACHMENTS, please.
  6. In your e-mail, indicate whether or not you are a published author. "Published" is defined as someone paid you money (or comp copies in the case of magazines) for your story or book. (So either a publisher paid you, or you self-published and people bought your book.)
  7. You may submit more than one story. Send each submission in a separate e-mail.
  8. SUBMIT your story any time between now and Saturday, December 15th.
Go here for information on voting.

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