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Author Interview: Stephanie Fowers

Author Stephanie Fowers is talented in so many creative avenues. She writes novels, screenplays, musicals, skits, and plays for children’s theater. Her latest novel, Meet Your Match, was recently released by Covenant Communications, Inc. Her book is a shining star in the emerging field of Mormon chic lit.

Welcome, Stephanie. What made you start writing?
I've been writing as soon as I learned how to write . . . maybe before. I've actually found some things I wrote that are completely unintelligible—and no!—I'm not talking about now!

How long have you been writing? When did you sell your first book?
I sold my first book in 2005. Before that I'd written about five different sci-fi/ fantasy books. Yeah, a little different than chic lit, but I figure chic lit is just as far out there.

What type of writer are you? Do you plan ahead/plot or do you simply fly by the seat of your pants?
I'm always plotting. I keep a notebook with me everywhere I go and I'm always thinking of plot ideas, especially when I hear people's real life adventures. You do know that real life is crazier than fiction? It means I have to come up with about a million and two acknowledgements, but it's worth it. Sometimes I wish I could fly by the seat of my pants. I think it would be a whole lot more fun. Maybe easier too.

How do you choose your characters' names?
I think of the hottest guy names and write them down . . . and girls?—well, I think of my favorite friends. I figure it's a little like naming kids.

What type of writing schedule do you have?
I work part time, and I'm SUPPOSED to come home and write until five (like a regular job), but either I get carried away and write too much or get so busy that I don't write enough. I'm working on better self-discipline. As always I work better when I have a deadline or there's someone breathing over my shoulder (literally).

How do you characterize your genre? It is Mormon Chic Lit, right?
Yep, it's Mormon chic lit, which means . . . um, it's like watching a chick flick, but reading it. And it's Mormon because it's super hard to put my feelings out there without putting ALL of my feelings out there, religion included.

What one thing do you like most about writing? Least?
I love that I can reach out to people when I write. It's like talking to a hundred people at once. But there's the irony, when I'm writing I can't talk to anyone, and that gets sad fast.

What have you always dreamed of writing, but haven't yet?
Well, I want to write some mainstream (and I will and have, I just HAVE to get it published). I've been writing some plays, children's books, screenplays, and YA lately. The trick isn't writing it, the trick is publishing it. Yikes, the plight of all authors.

You've done some film-making. Tell us about those adventures.
Well, my little brother is a genius director (if I may say so myself). And he's always making films (sadly, with no girls). So, when my sisters and I went home (for the year to keep him company for his senior year which he didn't need at all), he asked me to write the screenplay for his Macbeth school project. My sisters were just as enthusiastic as he was . . . even more, poor guy. And so we made costumes and props. Uh, and he made bloody scenes. It was super fun, and I even got to play an evil Lady Macbeth because he had a hard time trusting his girlfriends to do it. His friends who starred in the film are now quite the celebrities at school, and people quote lines to them that they don't even remember saying.

What is your next project?
I'm supposed to keep quiet about it (which is the hardest thing in the world for me), but I'll tell you this much, it's a musical and it takes place in the regency era. Reading all those regency romances have paid off. Yeah!

I'm also writing some screenplays with my sister, Jacqueline. And we're having a blast doing it. We've been volunteering with filmmakers around the area to get more behind-the-scenes experience.

I'm also writing Prank Wars—another LDS chic lit novel, which my friends are especially excited about, since they've been feeding me prank war ideas for years.

What is your advice for other writers?
Never never never give up! And back up your words with writing! AND know how to get connections in the writing business, so that you can actually put your skills to use and get published. Build your writing resume now (even if it's just contests, magazine and newspaper writing).

Tell us about your new book, Meet Your Match.
Well, Meet Your Match is about a girl who's given up on the dating scene. But Jacqueline's honor is questioned when the president of the Bitter Boy's Club, Britton Sergeant (in my opinion the hottest guy name ever) tells her that the only reason she's so burnt is because she keeps going for jerks. Furthermore, he claims that nice guys will NEVER win, most especially Jacqueline's best guy friend, Christian Slade. And worse, that Christian will be the next to join Britton's bitter boy's club (his nametag and gift bag are only waiting for him).

Of course, Jacqueline is outraged. She makes a wager with Britton that the flirtiest girl in the ward will go for Christian (not that Christian would be stupid enough to ACTUALLY fall for her). Britton agrees with her terms and they set out to prove each other wrong. Britton takes on the role of jerk, and Jacqueline must do everything in her power to make Christian look good (despite being a Nice Guy). Except, the worst thing happens, Jacqueline's plan starts to work too well. And now she's afraid she'll miss her chance to win her own Mr. Nice Guy.

What else have you written?
My first novel was Rules of Engagement, which came out in 2005 with Covenant Communications. As far as screenplays go, the only one we've filmed was with my brother, and that would be, 'Macbeth' 2007 with Justin Fowers as the director. I've written the musical, 'Robin in the Hood' for my niece's middle school in Omak, Wa, which they performed in 2007. I've written tons and tons of skits, and some plays for the children's theater. I'm not sure how much they count, but the two that have been performed are called, "The Haunted Mystery Mansion," and "Who Dunnit Elementary," produced by the Children's School of Theater in the summer of 2007.

Thank you for being my guest, Stephanie!
Thanks so much for doing this!


  1. Dashing and inspiring, I enjoy your enthusiasm. Now where did I miss out in my own youth? Can I possibly catch up? No, but I can cheer you on., which I do.

  2. I just started reading Stephanie's new book! I wish I could just ignore the rest of my life to read it... it's been really fun so far.

  3. Way to go, Steph! I loved your first book and can't wait to read this one. You are a beautiful and talented young lady.

  4. Marsha, thank you so much for highlighting me. I have super good friends, don't I? Thanks again!


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