Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sleepin' Through the Heat

I went to Mesa yesterday to visit the doctor. That means today I'm wiped out by a reaction to the heat down there.

One of the things I mentioned to the doc is that I'd had some recent lethargy, but it was probably due to the 107.6 degrees F (!!!!) we had in my little mountain home on July 4th. He replied that he gets the most complaints of fatigue from his patients during the month of June, when the Valley has its hottest summer days. I told him I'd instituted siesta time during the hottest part of the day, and he thought that was a great idea.

Mostly I went in to get my medications renewed. but found out that the top number of my blood pressure is too high. I almost freaked when he told me what it is, as I feared a stroke. He said the bottom number is the one that indicates a danger of stroke. He's not prescribing medication, since the bottom number is right where it should be. He doesn't want to mess with that, as I'd face light-headedness if it went down too far.

Instead, he said the dreaded words "lose weight," along with "less salt." I admit, I've been craving potato chips lately, but I try to be aware and beware of salty foods. Anybody want my stash of Cup-o-Noodles?

Losing weight means eating less and exercising more. Oh boy! I'm trying to cut high-calorie stuff out of my food groups (good-bye, ice cream!) and substitute more veggies. Does anyone have any suggestions for recipes that don't pump up the heat in the kitchen?

My preferred exercise is walking and the doctor is fine with me doing that. However, it's too hot outside just now to walk--95.7 degrees F. I'll have to get up and get outside early in the morning to do that. Where are our monsoon rains?

Well, it's siesta time. See you later!


  1. 107.6?? Now I know why I don't live in Arizona!

    Here's a great recipe, Marsha. Take equal amounts of diced cucumbers and tomatoes and stir with a splash of Italian dressing, then garnish with fresh mint leaves. Delicious and refreshing!

  2. Oh, that sounds very cool. Thanks, Tristi.


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