Friday, June 29, 2007

One down, three to go

I don't recall if I've mentioned it here or not, but for the past few months I've been rehearsing for a play that the community puts on every year, sponsored by our local church unit.

This year's production is a one-act play, a cute little number called "The Loathsome Lady," which is an Arthurian tale. Or maybe it's a farce. Whichever.

I play Queen Guinevere. In a blonde wig. And a crown. Wearing a maroon dress made of slippery curtain fabric. I'm having a ball. Everyone is having a ball. After Tuesday's final rehearsal, none of the cast or crew made a move to go home. That's how high the energy was that night.

Yesterday evening was opening night. Wow! We had an excellent audience, and they got right into the fun. Arthur goes into the audience, desperately trying to find out from anyone he can, "What do women want? What do they most desire?" His life and lands are forfeit to the ominous Black Knight [boo! hiss!] if he cannot produce the answer within three days. Our Arthur milked the audience responses for all they were worth, and he got a lot of love back from them.

I got several laughs for my portrayal of Guin's dim-wittedness. After all, she's a couple of stitches shy of a complete tapestry. It was terrific!

Tonight we do it again, then two times on Saturday. I know that come Saturday night when the lights go down for the last time, I'll be going into play withdrawal. But then, there's the book to write, and that's another kind of high.


  1. What fun you having, Marsha! Oh how I wish I could see it in person!

  2. ^^ Sounds like fun. Link, Pop, and I are coming to see your play on Saturday. Hope to see you soon. :D

  3. Sounds hilarious, Marsha. I used to enjoy acting in similar productions years ago. Only trouble was, if something funny happened on stage, I'd get uncontrollable giggles and lose it. So embarrassing--to say nothing of a total distraction for the audience. More like being in one of those blooper shows.


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