Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Help fight wildland fires

Many of you have followed the recent Promontory Fire in Arizona because it affected me so greatly. I'm grateful for your interest and concern for my welfare and that of other members of my community.

How can you help fight wildland fires?

For one thing, be a responsible camper when you're in the forest or in other wild lands. Please, please, please make sure your fires--when you can again build campfires--are dead, cold, sodden out! Never leave a campfire burning unattended. Always make sure that when you go home, you use plenty of water to extinguish the embers.

Another way you can help is to contribute money in support of a fuel break around Christopher Creek and its outlying subdivisions.

Gila County has received a federal grant of $50,000 that is available to fund a fuel break/fuel reduction clearing on the southwest and west perimeter of our community. We must generate matching funds in order to take advantage of this great opportunity for further protection of the communities. $50,000 must be raised before June 30, as the funds have to be available and the contract signed on that date.

The Christopher-Kohls Fire District is the facilitator and administrator of the project, and is working with the US Forest Service in arranging the details. The four local homeowners associations (including mine, Christopher Creek Homeowners Association or CCHA) are heading up the effort to raise the money. The goal is to clear a 330-foot-wide break totaling 329 acres around the Christopher Creek and Hunter Creek communities (including The Brooks and See Canyon).

You can help with your dollars. Even $5 will help us reach our goal. Plus, your contribution is tax deductible.

Please send your check made out to C-K Firebelles Fuel Break and mail it to:

HC2 Box 121P
Payson AZ 85541

I thank you. My neighbors thank you. The firefighters thank you.

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