Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Fans of my writing may not know that I was a singer before I was a writer. I've had a long and varied career: 1st solo at age 3, soloist with the Tempe Symphony Orchestra, and appeared in several operas, concerts, and many choirs, not to mention the thousands of times I have sung in Church services and events.

Today I had the special experience of singing a wonderful and poignant Christmas song, "Mary's Lullaby," accompanied by the composer herself, Wanda West Palmer. What a joy and thrill this was!

As I wish you all Merry Christmas, I want to mention the happiness I find in playing the organ for Worship Services in my little church. Last Sunday, I was almost overcome with the joy of serving my Lord and my fellow beings. The music swept through me, and encompassed me, and I was full of pure joy. It was an outstanding, unique moment.

Happy Holidays to all my family, friends and fans.

Marsha Ward

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