Saturday, July 23, 2016

I'm taking Sample Saturday off

Due to receiving word YESTERDAY that I have been honored to fill in for a speaker at tomorrow's Payson Book Festival, time ran out on me this week.

Actually, I was asked very nicely if I could possibly do it, as an emergency had arisen in the life of the originally scheduled speaker. I believe the word URGENT was in the subject line of the email. Which came at 11:52 p.m. or so on Thursday night.

Good thing I checked my email before getting to bed at nearly three a.m. that "night."

What can a girl do when she's so highly esteemed as an extemporaneous speaker that the organizers of the festival have confidence in her that she can whip up something about creative writing in 36 hours or fewer, minus the time it took to make a 160-mile round trip to The Big City to convey a friend to the doctor? Seven hours, more or less. Yeah, I said, "yes."

So, see you next week, folks. And wish me luck with the gig tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck. Sometimes the short notice is good, bet you will do great


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