Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WRITER WEDNESDAY: A Cutter's Creek Romance Series

A Cutter's Creek Romance Series

Today, I'm bringing you a guest post from Christian Historical Romance author Kari Trumbo, who will introduce you to a new series she is writing with fellow authors Kit Morgan, Vivi Holt, and Annie Boone. Click here for a link to the series of novellas. Now here's Kari:

I am excited to announce the creation of the sweet historical world of Cutter’s Creek, Montana. Four authors have teamed up from across the globe to bring you stories of hope and love.

The authors started with a picture of a little red chapel in the hills and created the town around that sweet little building used for worship and weddings, funerals and festivals. It is a place of hiding and healing.

The first four novellas introduce you to the town, its lovely characters, and the Chapel. The characters you will meet may appear in future novels. There will be times the authors will all publish at once, and others when they publish a book singly, but each one will be carefully crafted for you to be transported to Cutter’s Creek and a new story of love, struggle, and romance. Some will be short, others will be full length novels.

Kellys cover

The novellas in this series are threaded together by the beautiful little red chapel nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains, at Cutter’s Creek, Montana. The heroine in each of these novellas finds solace inside the walls of the building and the God it was built to serve. The chapel is the center of town and is an important landmark to the residents of Cutter’s Creek. Its unusual red color has become a symbol that all are welcome. In the future, it won’t always take center stage, but it is in each of the introductory novellas.

Karis cover

Romance seems just out of reach for these couples. At times, it’s as though they aren’t meant to be together. Sometimes, they’re too stubborn to see what’s right before their eyes. Each has a lesson to learn before they get the prize of happiness in love. These stand-alone, happily ever after stories will melt the coldest heart and make the disenchanted believe in love again.

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