Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sample from The Zion Trail: Lije & Sarah "discuss" Hans Stiles

As I sometimes do, I've jumped around in The Zion Trail this week, back to Lije and Sarah's conversation of two weeks ago.

"Did Hans speak ill of Pa for deciding we would take the baptism?"


She wouldn't meet my gaze. She was lying. "Sarah? Tell me the truth."

She sniffed, turning her face away.


"He said Pa was making a sore mistake, that he was leading us astray, out of the fold of God."

I made a rude noise and half turned to spit my derision. Since when did Hans Stiles concern himself with God? He acted the part of a rough character every day, notwithstanding his careful seduction of my sister.

"I think he's right, Lije."

I turned back to stare at Sarah. I knew she had reservations, but she had not refused the baptism, nor the laying on of hands.

She bent to retrieve her basket from the muddy ground.

"I believe what the elders told us. What I heard of it."

"Hans told me of the visitors' evil schemes." Her eyes widened.

"He told you fairy stories, Sarah. I didn't sense evil in them."

She held her peace, but I could tell she didn't favor my story.

"Pa is a good man. He puts his trust in the Lord. He wouldn't fall for such as Hans told you." I stopped short as she narrowed her eyes. I'd best quit before she discovered my spying ways.

I waved a hand. "Pa didn't deserve a beating," I said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know he'd be hurt."

"I'm sorry, too. Hans Stiles isn't the man for you, Sarah. He loves violence too much."

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