Saturday, May 02, 2015

Lije checks on Pa - Sample Saturday

In today's tidbit from The Zion Trail, Lije checks up on his father.

When I went in to lunch, I paused in the doorway to inhale the pleasant odors of the soup simmering in a kettle. Sarah was the only person in the kitchen, so I said to her, "Smells good."

She glared at me as though I'd insulted her cooking.

I wondered if it was the right time to try and make amends, but her scowl was fierce enough that I doubted my ability to get through her anger just now. I shrugged and went through the kitchen to check on my father's state of health.

As I suspected, I found Ma in the bedroom, seated beside the bed, holding Pa's hand. The door was open, but I tapped my knuckles against the door jamb just the same.

"Lije," my mother acknowledged me, beckoning to me to enter.

"How is he?"

"In some amount of pain from his ribs," she answered. "He won't be working today."

"Now, Emily," Pa protested from the pillow. "You're coddling me overmuch."

"As if you didn't need a fair bit of coddling," she replied. "Those ruffians did you damage. Who were they?"

Pa gave a minute shake of the head. "They came upon me from behind. I told you that, Wife. I can't name them."

From his halting manner of speech, Pa's ribs were giving him trouble. I wished I could take away his pain and bear it myself, but even as pangs of sympathy flowed through my body, I could not relieve his suffering one smidgen. At least I could make my suspicions known to my mother.

"I believe Hans Stiles and his bunch are involved," I said. "He's taken an interest in Sarah."


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