Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sample Saturday - September 13, 2014

Welcome to Sample Saturday. This week's sample occurred just after Rulon Owen asked Mary Hilbrands to marry him.

Mama had plenty to say, Mary discovered soon after Rulon took his leave.

She had swept into the parlor almost before the front door had closed upon the man, dragging Mary with her by a tight grasp on her arm. She thrust her onto the same chair upon which she had sat when Rulon knelt before her, then dropped into the seat opposite.

“You are too young to be a wife,” she said right off.

Mary attempted to turn away that argument, pointing out that her own grandmother had married at the tender age of thirteen.

Mama compressed her lips and wagged her head. “The society was much different in that era. I am raising you to be a lady, and ladies do not wed before a proper age.”

“Mama, this is war time. Rulon is enlisting soon. If I let him go without, if I don’t marry him now, perhaps I will miss my chance entirely.” The idea that Rulon could die brought waves of sadness crashing upon her, almost knocking her against the back of the chair upon which she perched.

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Bestselling author Marsha Ward wrote the novella, Faith and the Foreman, in the Timeless Romance Anthology Old West Collection. She is the author of an acclaimed novel series featuring the Owen family. Her novel, Spinster's Folly, won the 2013 USA Best Book Award for Western Fiction, and recently was named Finalist in Western Fiction in the 2014 International Book Awards. A former journalist, Ward has published over 900 articles, columns, poems and short stories. She is the founder of American Night Writers Association, a.k.a. ANWA.

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