Friday, June 20, 2014

Fresh Book Friday - We Are Strong!

Title: We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together
Author: Fay A. Klingler
Genre: Mormon women—Religious life—Non-fiction
Publisher: Nutrire Fiducia Productions, LLC
Date of Publication: March 2014

Every girl needs a mentor, someone she can trust to show her the way home to Heavenly Father. The stakes are high—as women of influence, how we live and how we teach Heavenly Father’s daughters will change the course of their lives forever.

Using compelling real-life stories from women of all ages, award-winning author Fay A. Klingler clearly defines how and why we must continue to live and teach the Young Women values.

We Are Strong! beautifully illustrates how powerful a faithful woman’s example can be.

Reader Endorsements:
I began reading We Are Strong! amidst a heavy personal trial in my life, and yet after reading only a few short pages, I had the desire to get on my knees and thank Heavenly Father for every small blessing in my life.

I love how Fay uses multiple true stories and examples to teach valuable principles. These stories carry the book and entice you to read yet one more page because you can relate.

Bravo to Fay for tackling the topics that are easy for moms to forget, but are of utmost importance. Her detail and straightforwardness is helpful and motivating.

I am reminded of what an honor it is to be a woman. I have never thought so deeply about my personal commitment as an adult woman to each of the Young Women values. There is work to be done and I have signed my name to do it.

I feel uplifted and encouraged. We live at a time when despair is too common. While reading Fay’s book, I have been filled with hope and determination. I can do something. I will start within the walls of my own home and work outward.

~Lorene Elder, Stake Young Women President


Every word I read was profound and uplifting. What wonderful guidelines! Each chapter takes a value and provides amazing content. I loved the way Fay integrated so many scriptures from the Book of Mormon and other standard works as she described each value and how we can apply the teaching of that value to helping and teaching our young women. Fay also included everyday experiences from friends, associates, and relatives that readers can relate to. I appreciated the “Why” and “How” sections at the end of each chapter as well as the “house” we are building with each value.

~Claire DeWitt, Stake Relief Society President

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Author Bio:
Fay A. Klingler, author and illustrator, is an award-winning creative and technical writer, as well as a sought-after motivational speaker for women’s groups. Her expertise includes successful patterns for life, betrayal recovery, and effective grandparenting. Her previous publications include A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God; Shattered: Six Steps from Betrayal to Recovery; Daughters of God, You Have What It Takes; The LDS Grandparents’ Idea Book; My Magnificent Mountain; The Complete Guide to Woman’s Time; Our New Baby; and A Mother’s Journal.

The Klinglers have twelve children and thirty-five grandchildren in their blended family. They reside in Draper, Utah.

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Good advice for any woman who wants to be a positive influence on the girls in her life.

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