Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sweet Saturday Samples - August 10, 2013

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. In this snippet from my American Civil War era work-in-progress, Gone For a Soldier, Rulon Owen experiences one of the vicissitudes of war. Enjoy!

Orders had come down from General Johnston's headquarters to keep eyes on the enemy army led by General Patterson that had invaded the Valley. For the last few days, Rulon's company had been engaged in riding in countermoves against their troops.

Near Winchester, a patrol became a skirmish when they encountered enemy soldiers willing to fight.

As he hunkered down in a ditch alongside Owen Leoyd while artillery shells explored the air above them, he was told, "Them shells always whistle that-a-way when they miss you. If you don't hear 'em, they're gonna get you, so bless the sound of 'em."

"Obliged for the advice," Rulon shouted back, covering his head at the sound of a particularly close whistle.

"We'd best leave here," Leoyd commented. "That was a mite too near for my taste."

During a brief lull in the fire, they beat a retreat to their horses, and found the rest of their comrades to continue the clash.


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  1. I like Leoyd's matter of fact attitude. It seems very fitting for a seasoned warrior. :)


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