Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Bomb Today!

What is a Book Bomb, you ask?

Well, we authors have to come up with devices and strategies for bringing our books to the notice of readers. Right? Sometimes we band together and do special sales to attract attention.

That said, a Book Bomb is a one-day effort to raise Amazon rankings of a book so it is more visible through Amazon's mysterious mechanisms. I don't pretend to understand how Amazon does anything, but they do make suggestions, and the higher a book's ranking, the more it appears in suggestions. Or something like that.

Anyway, author Monique Bucheger writes delightful books for young people, and this is her Book Bomb Day!

By purchasing Monique's book, Simply West of Heaven, you become eligible to "buy" several free books and many very-low-priced books today!

Here's how:

Go to Amazon and buy Simply West of Heaven today.

Then go here to Monique's blog, read the instructions, and click on the Book Bomb poster. This will take you to a site where you leave your email address and the confirmation receipt number so Monique can forward all the links for the free and nearly free books. You enter the info and Monique sends the links.

Simple enough, right?

All the books being offered need to be redeemed by Friday, June 21 at midnight to guarantee the free or .99 price. Some authors may continue the promo prices longer--then that is up to them--but you never know, so go get them today!

When you purchase Simply West of Heaven and get your redemption email--PLEASE buy all of the FREE books and whatever interests you of the .99 books. Amazon--especially--works on algorithms, so the more purchases, the higher visibility.

Here's a quote from author Monique Bucheger:

My author friends are a generous group of people, so I am really hoping you will support them as well as me. Many of the .99 books have recently been offered for free and have run out of free days (imagine that--depending on where an author has their e-books-- they can only have them free for 5 days.) so PLEASE consider supporting the .99 books-- trust me--the ones I have read are WELL worth it. 

And nobody can touch so many e-books for the price on ONE!! 

Several of these books are authored by multi-award winning, bestselling authors. 

Just saying. :)

Do look for, and participate in, the Rafflecopter. The top prize is a $50 Amazon Gift Card!!!

I hope you will support this Book Bomb, and get some terrific books for Summer Reading for yourself and your kids.

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word Marsha! :)


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