Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample: Excerpt #3 from The Man from Shenandoah

This week's snippet for Sweet Saturday Samples (clean fiction excerpts from authors) is once again an excerpt from the Western novel The Man from Shenandoah, the first book in "The Owen Family Saga." We'll meet other members of the Owen family. I hope you enjoy this sample.

Edited to add missing words (in blue). Blogger, what's up with that?

“Ma!” Albert ran in yelling from the trees at the corner of the yard. “Somebody’s riding in, mighty confident like,” he panted.

Julia Owen looked up from the corn she was grinding and pushed back a loose lock of dark hair.

“Confident, you say? Does he look like a Yankee?”

Albert hung his head. “I mostly just saw him a-coming before I ran in, Ma. But he’s riding real straight and sure of himself.”

“Get your pa,” she said, grabbing the Sharps rifle from the corner. “There won’t be no Yankees set foot in this house.

Julia walked through the doorway with the Sharps in firing position and watched as a horseman neared the end of the lane from the pike. Albert spoke the truth, she thought. That man rides bold.

“Hold up right there,” her voice rang out. “Put them hands where I can see ‘em, and get down off that horse.”

The mud-covered young man in the gray coat laughed. “You always did look fine with fire in your eye, Ma.”

“Carl?” She took a step, lowering the rifle barrel toward the ground. “Carl! Is it really you? Lawsy, boy, we almo

st gave up on ever seeing you again.” She swiped at her eyes with one hand. “Get off that horse and hug your ma.” Her son dropped gingerly to the muddy ground and approached with long strides.

“Ma, I’m home.” He grabbed her—rifle and all—and swung her into the air.

She caught sight of the wince that he tried to cover and the dried blood on his face, and immediately began to worry over his health.

Setting her on her feet, Carl brushed at the mud he had transferred to her dress. “I’m sorry about the mud, Ma. I had a little trouble with some fellers down the road a piece, and we wrasseled around a bit. Here, let me put that rifle aside. I reckon you don’t want to put a ball into me.”

“You ain’t been hurt? What’s that blood?” She followed him to the front of the house, where he leaned the rifle against the stone wall. “Here, let me look at you.” Julia grabbed his arm, moistened the corner of her apron with her tongue, and dabbed at his face.

“Ma!” he protested. “It’s just a little cut.”

“And it needs tending to,” she insisted, then hugged him again.

Participants in this week's Sweet Saturday Sample:

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3. Kay Springsteen contemporary romance
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6. J.F. Jenkins YA/Urban Fantasy
7. Marsha Ward~Westerns with Heart & Grit
8. Patricia Preston~historical romance
9. Jean Joachim Contemporary Romance
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11. Beth Trissel-Historical/paranormal romance
12. Patricia Kiyono - historical romance
13. Meg Mims - Western Historical Suspense
14. J. Gunnar Grey, mystery-adventure
15. Carrie-Anne Brownian ~ historical fiction
16. Dianne Hartsock-paranormal/suspense
17. Emily and Dakota-YA
18. Lindsay Downs-Mystery
19. Lia Davis~paranormal romance
20. Sherry Gloag sweet paranormal
21. Elaine Cantrell-contemporary romance
22. Joselyn Vaughn ~ contemporary romance
23. Trish McCallan - paranormal romantic thriller
24. Liz Botts-YA/Romance
25. Gwendolyn Gage ~ Christian Historical Romance


  1. Your work is very authentic. Great sample!

  2. I'm working on a book set right after the Civil War. Good details.

  3. This is just weird. Another week, another snafu at Blogger. Words are missing. I'll go put them back in, folks.

    I swear they were all there when I scheduled the post!

  4. Whew! Restored the missing paragraphs.

    Thanks, Jennifer! I appreciate your warm praise.

    Welcome, Elaine! We have that in common: writing in that fearsome period. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I went to Shiloh battlefield today because they having an artillery demo. Canons are loud and smoky!

    Glad Carl got to come home.

  6. Great scene and dialogue

  7. So glad he's home! I'm enjoying the story.

  8. Oh, I like that one! Great set up for a tender moment.

  9. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The exchange is so heartfelt it jumps from the pages and I felt like I was there watching it in person. Nice sample.

  10. Loved the fact her son had changed so much in the time he'd been gone, she didn't recognize how he sat in the saddle. Great characterization before he even says a word.

  11. Anonymous9:44 PM

    He made it home! I'm so glad. I was a little worried the last couple of weeks. This is a great story.

    Here's my sample:

  12. Anonymous9:44 PM

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  13. Hi Marsha! Great job with the dialouge! It's so real! :-)

  14. What a great idea to post samples! :-)


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