Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Character Notes: Rulon Owen

Since Rulon is the subject of my question on the just-concluded 30-day-long Summer Treasure Hunt, I thought it would be appropriate to post my character card notes on him next. BTW, congratulations to Rachel Hanchett of Arizona, who won my prize for the correct answer.

The photos I have for Rulon are actors Geoffrey Scott, who started out his career on
Dark Shadows and continued with a role in Dynasty and guest shots all over the tube in the 80s; and Nicolas Surovy, who started out in The Big Valley, and played roles on soaps and Westerns, and even Star Trek: Voyager. IMDb last shows him in Deadwood.

Rulon has dark brown hair and grey eyes. He is not tall, but he is solidly built--might have trouble keeping weight down later. Rulon had been casually courting Mary Hilbrands, but as the war broke out and he joined up, he married her. 9 months later they had a son. Mary lived with her parents until Rulon came home wounded in Oct, 1864. Fulltime wife and motherhood was a shock to her.

Rulon welcomes the change to go to the west. He has nothing to show for 4 years of marriage, and wants to start on building his life.

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