Monday, January 07, 2008

The Snow Came

I woke up this morning to hear snow falling from the trees onto my roof. I knew then we'd had a good snowstorm. Either it was very wet snow, or the storm mixed in some rain, because the eaves are dripping. Although my deck thermometer shows 30 degrees F., water is running down a couple of the tracks in the snow on the road.

We've had rain since Saturday afternoon. It continued pretty much all night, but stopped for several hours on Sunday. Then we got BB-sized hail Sunday night, and snow after that.

Last night when it started snowing, I put the snow cover on the windshield of my car. I also took my garbage to the dumpster, knowing I would have nicer footing then than this morning. I could hear the creek running, even though it's some distance away.

When I came past the creek on my way home from church yesterday, a large log was sitting in the middle of the crossing we call "the car wash." The fire chief hadn't put up any barriers yet, but most of the adults around here know better than to attempt to put their vehicles into that rapid flow. I hope no visiting young people think it's safe to cross!

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