Saturday, December 30, 2006

I wonder why...

I could wander around outside this morning in just a sweatsuit in 20 degree F. weather and I wasn't cold, but now it's afternoon, forty degrees outside, fifty+ inside, I'm dressed the same, and I'm freezing?

Maybe I shouldn't be eating ice cream.

Okay, now it's in the freezer.

I ventured into town today, almost hysterically anxious about whether I would get out of my mobile home park without sliding into someone else's car or home because of the ice-caked road. (Have I mentioned that I grew up and learned to drive in the desert?) I'd just seen a Suburban sliding around, and didn't have much confidence in my lighter vehicle's ice-skating prowess. However, through much fervent prayer, and the chipper assurances of my neighbor that I'd make it fine, I did get out onto the street, and from there, onto the highway, which was dry and safe.

I made it into town, took part in the closing down of a retail business I'd invested in, shopped for food, and came straight home. I unloaded my car, put everything away, and now I'm sitting here with my little electric heater, eating lemon chicken and getting rid of my shivers.

A ab lounger ad proclaims you can use their product to gain a "toned, sexy core." I just want a warm one.

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