Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sample Saturday, um, Sunday!

I apologize that this sample was delayed due to my local power outage. We continue in the corn field with Elijah Marshall, the main character of the forthcoming novel, The Zion Trail.

I followed footprints in the mud that led through the cornfield. When the trail began to include parallel drag marks, my heart froze. Someone held my father captive. I had no idea of his condition. Was he alive? Injured? I halted. Was he dead?

As soon as that notion came into my mind, I began to run, heedless of the corn stalks my flailing arms may have knocked down. The path drew me onward. I followed it to the edge of the field, then saw that it turned down the line of the fence toward the house. I stared in horror, my chest heaving, to see a crumpled heap in the corner of the field, a crumpled heap that had no business being there. Stunned, nauseated, I nevertheless made my feet carry me toward the object that lay so still.

As I drew near, it became clear that the bundle of clothing near the fence was indeed my father. "Pa!" I cried out, and continued toward him. My heart caught as he stirred, weakly moving an arm.

I knelt at his side and bent over his form. One cheek bore a swelling purple bruise. The opposite eye wouldn't open again today, I figured. His lip was split, and blood trickled through his hair above one ear. His limbs seemed unbroken, but I wouldn't know that for sure until I investigated further. Even in view of his obvious need for examination, I was reticent to lay hands on my father's body.

He caught me about the wrist with one hand, whispering, "Lije. Help me up."


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