Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fire Update 2:05 pm

I have great news, which I found in the update at the Christopher Kohl's Fire Department website.

"The Promontory Fire is NOT threatening Christopher Creek, Kohl's Ranch or Forest Lakes in any way at this time.

"The fire is spotting on top of the Rim, and crews are working to contain the spot fires. There are no reported spotting fires below the Rim. The lack of winds are favorable to fire fighting plans to limit the fire's progression.

"There are engine crews standing by in the fire district but there are NO firefighting activities presently within the CKFD Fire District, everything is up on the Rim.

"The Forest Service, Arizona State Land, Gila County Emergency Management, CKFD and other agencies are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of the community."

Whew! Stay turned. Today is crucial, a fire fighter told me.


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  1. kerry5:21 PM

    That IS good news! Thanks for the updates. I keep checking back!


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