Saturday, April 07, 2007

American Idol

Is it just me, or is this year's lineup the strongest bunch of performers American Idol has ever had? I'm really impressed with seven out of the eight who are left. I wish Chris Sligh hadn't been voted off, but I think he'll still go somewhere with his music.

Go Melinda Doolittle!


  1. Every year, we've had strong ones and weak ones. Last year, with Katherine, Taylor, and Chris -- that one was hard. And the year before, with Bo and Carrie, wow, that was a hard choice too. This year the only two I think are really contenders are Melinda and LaKisha. Jordin should come in third, but the rest . . . I dunno. But isn't it great that there are so many to choose from? No matter what your preferences are in music, there's always someone there who fits that.

  2. Darn, now I'm wishing I'd watched it this year. It's the first season I've missed. :( That'll teach me, won't it!


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