Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I've been tagged!

Someone started a "5 Things No One Knows About You" game of tag, probably years ago, but it's gotten into the blogosphere, and Tristi Pinkston tagged me. So, here's 5 things you probably don't know about me.

1. I sang a solo with the Rose Lane Elementary School chorus on television (Channel 3 in Phoenix). IIRC, the song was Jesu Bambino, it being Christmas time. This was during 7th Grade.

2. I was offered two full-ride four-year scholarships to Arizona institutions of higher learning because of my singing voice. There were a couple of other offers, but not full ride. I accepted the one from Arizona State College at Flagstaff (now Northern Arizona University).

3. During a half-day off on my LDS mission to Colombia and Venezuela, I hiked up a river into the jungle near Maracay, Venezuela, in search of monkeys. I was with two elders and a sister mssionary. The least I can say about the trek is that it was strenuous. Even though our usual mode of transportation was to walk, for a couple of days afterward, every step I took was torture. My thigh muscles seized up when I stepped off a curb. This caused a curious jerking motion. I'm sure it was amusing to the passersby.

4. I worked for a while as a nanny.

5. My first novel was published 38 years after I began it. I lugged the nucleus around for a long time before I got serious about finishing and submitting it.

Okay, now let me think. Who can I tag? How about:

Liz Adair, Jennifer J. Stewart,
C. K. Crigger, ChillyGator, and H. B. Moore.


  1. Good Girl, Marsha, and very interesting too! All these years of knowing you and I didn't know about your voice.

  2. Whew! I struggled for half an hour or more on those unknowns. Then another half hour thinking of people to tag. Then five minutes emailing them all to alert them that they were IT.

  3. You guys are funny. I'll try it, although I'm not sure exactly how it works. Maybe it will make my morning headache vanish :)

  4. Marsha! Of course I remember who you are!

    And if I'm trying to find not only one interesting thing about me, but five. It's hard.

  5. First you tagged me, then Janette did, too, so I figured I couldn't weasel out.

    Now you know some of my secrets!

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer J.

  6. Wow, Marsha, 38 years? That's impressive. Does that mean you were persistent until you achieved success or that you just started out as a really bad writer? (I'm sorry, I'm just kidding!)

    So let's see, I started my first novel 18 years ago, so maybe I'll be published by 2027. Ugh. Even with that, you can forget about my first novel being published. I DID start out as a really bad writer. (Now I'm NOT kidding.)


  7. You're funny, Darvell. BTW, I wish you a speedy acceptance of one or both of your MSS.

    The real story is that I carried the really bad beginning around for a very long time, almost 20 years, before I began to study writing and could even attempt to finish and refine it.

    You'll do it in much less time.

  8. Thanks for your comments, Marsha. I'm kind of a goof-off sometimes and I hope I don't offend. It seems you weren't offended, but I'm always worried about the reaction to my comments--not worried enough to not goof off, but enough to be concerned about it! LOL.

    I resisted taking writing classes until I found out who I was as a writer and where I needed help. I think that was good for me, but may have extended my time to becoming publishable. It did, I think, help to me to find my own personal voice, however. That alone seems to have been worth it.



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