Monday, February 20, 2017

A Reminder, or In Case You Missed It the First Time...

If you didn't see my post on Valentine's Day, you may not have heard that I'm offering my novella, Faith and the Foreman, free to new Email List Subscribers, as part of a promotion by a total of fifteen authors at My Book Cave:

Yes, there are fourteen other ebooks besides Faith and the Foreman, all Clean Romances in a variety of genres. Mine is set in Old Arizona, while at least one is a time-traveling romance. You'll find a historical novel set in the Middle Ages, a few Fantasy works, and several Contemporary Romances. My friends and I hope you'll enjoy our offerings.

Did I forget to mention the drawing for a $10 Gift Card? Be sure to sign up for that!

Since today is Presidents' Day in the United States and thus a Holiday, it's a perfect time to honor the Founding Fathers by downloading and reading a book or novella. Get your downloads here.

Happy Presidents' Day!

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