Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Warm Up Your Winter - Free Ebooks and 5 Gift Cards, too!

EDITED: Now 5 $10 Gift Cards are up for grabs in the Sweepstakes!

A group of my Author friends and I joined together to make you this nifty free ebook offer and giveaway at My Book Cave, because, you know, it's cold out there, and what could be better than cuddling up in a cozy chair with a blanket around your shoulders and reading a new book on your Kindle, Nook, phone, or tablet?

From now until Friday, February 10, 2017, we're each giving away one or more of our ebooks. Free. And a chance to win a $10 gift card in a giveaway sweepstakes, too. So what's the catch?

Authors always welcome the opportunity--if you like our books--to let you know about our newest releases. We all have emailed newsletters, like mine, that let us tell you about our books, give you a glimpse into our lives, and allow you to take part in special offers like this one.

We like more readers to subscribe, so we do these kinds of promotions in exchange for your email address.* That's the catch. You get free ebooks and a chance to win a gift card, and we get new readers for our newsletters. Cool, huh?

You will be contacted by the authors whose books you select and to whom you give your emails. They are all nice people and good writers. Here's the link to a page where all the ebooks are featured.

Remember to enter the Sweepstakes Giveaway on the right side of the page, found here on My Book Cave.

*You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time, but you might want to stick around and find out what my friends and I have planned for the year for your reading pleasure.

Gone for a Soldier - Book 1: The Owen Family Saga.

Rulon Owen enlists in the cavalry to fight Yankees, but he needs good fortune to survive and make it home to his young wife, Mary, and the toddler son he's never seen.

At home, newlywed Mary faces her own soul-draining battles in her disapproving mother's household, magnified by the trials of life in a war zone.

Separated by war and circumstance, Rulon and Mary discover that not all enemies wear the Union blue.


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