Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What a Difference a Designation Makes!

At least to me and my attitude.

The Old West Collection has been published for just two weeks, but already it has hit #2 on one Amazon chart, and has maintained that status for a couple of days. It's also in the top 30 for two other lists, and rising.

It's amazing to me what a lift this has given my spirits, along with the legitimate ability to claim status as a "bestselling author." I hope I don't get carried away, but you will see that appellation creeping into my promotional materials and Internet sites. It's just so fulfilling to be able to put that before my name after so many years.


As a reader, are you influenced by the term? Are you more willing to give an unfamiliar author a chance if you see "bestselling author" before their name?

I guess the more important question is, are you going to go buy the Anthology? If you're not a Kindle person, even with an app on your favorite device, I have purchase links to various other venues on the My Books page of this site.

Thank you for your patronage!

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