Sunday, July 17, 2011

National Day of the Cowboy - July 23

Saturday, July 23rd, is the annual National Day of the Cowboy, and the Barnes and Noble in Redlands, CA will be hosting the "Read 'em Cowboy!" book fair. A portion of sales from the book fair will go to the Western Writers of America's Homestead Foundation, so please consider participating.

It's not necessary that you physically attend the event (though the more, the merrier!). By using vouchers you can download and print from the event's Facebook page, you can make a purchase at any Barnes and Noble store, and a percentage will go to Homestead.  If you buy online at, just enter the Bookfair ID# (10510444) when prompted at checkout.

You can make these purchases in-store (preferable, because the donated to Homestead is higher) or online anytime from July 23rd through July 28th and B&N will honor the vouchers/Bookfair ID#  The amount B&N donates back will vary from 10% to 20% of all sales, depending upon the grand total of qualifying sales.

Here's a great excuse to add to your Western library (books, music, movies all count),  do some early Christmas shopping, or just support Western Writers of America . You'll also be helping to clue booksellers in about the National Day of the Cowboy - and reminding them to stock more Western titles!

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