Friday, January 21, 2011

Writers Conferences?

My usual schedule includes attending two to three writers conferences a year. I've had some unusual expenses, though. I'm considering dumping one I usually attend,

and saving money to attend another I haven't been to for a while.

Then there's another one I've never attended. Should I go to it, instead?

How do you determine at the beginning of the year which conferences you'll attend?

What factors do you consider? Give me reasons why I should attend a particular conference. Make me want to come!

The floor is yours: 


  1. Scrap them all and go to the Northwest Writers Retreat. Did you SEE our venue last year?

  2. For me, it all comes down to money. So I must go to somewhere I can afford. And also to one that is close. Where I live they're few and far between. This year, it will be Colorado RWs Conf.

  3. Good luck, Marsha. Hard decision!

  4. Like you, I'm on a budget. And even though conferences abound here in Utah, I can't go to most of them.

    THE ONE I make sure I save enough pennies for is LDStorymakers. There are other wonderful ones, but I have the most fun and get the most info there.

  5. I'm gonna have to go with LDStorymakers. I've been to different conferences and nothing compares. Although, if I had the free time and money to go to ANWA, I would. I'm really interested in how that one rates.

  6. I'd say the LDStorymakers for the info and energy...and the Northwest Writers Retreat for the info and peace. But if you have a hankering for a conference focused on your genre, I'd say one would do (and you're the best judge of which it should be). So, to sum up--LDStorymakers for the big general one, a Western genre one for your particular brand, and the NWR for rest and rejuvenation.

  7. Now that I re-read your posting, I realize you're trying to save money. Since you'll be at the ANWA conference anyway (my assumption), and that's pretty big, maybe you should skip Storymakers this year (though we'd miss you terribly and you'd miss out on the Whitneys, too). Aw, shucks, Marsha, maybe we should take up a collection and foot the bill for you! It wouldn't be a Storymakers Conference without you.

  8. I thought I had left a comment yesterday but it doesn't show. So I will try again. Since ANWA isn't ANWA without Marsha I am assuming you will be at the ANWA conference. The others sound by title like the Western and the Western Women ones might be best for your career but go to which ever ones will benefit you the most. You do so much to support other people, but this should be what will help you. Have fun what ever you decide.

  9. I love the LDStorymakers conference. I think it helped me get where I am today. The Western one sounds neat and now I'm wondering about the NWR everyone is talking about.
    Good luck!

  10. I'm on a budget as well so I understand the dilemma. From what I have heard the LDStorymakers is a great conference. I plan on going sometime in the future. Of course ANWA is great but the others I don't know about.
    Good Luck with that....


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