Monday, September 13, 2010

All Around the 'Net

I started out searching for something in particular on the Internet, but that was several hours ago, and I can't recall now what it was.

Anyway, my path led in all sorts of interesting directions. One was an article urging us to go longer and further between oil changes, because Jiffy Lube's recommendation no longer is correct, after all. Who knew?

Something I just read made so much sense, and was something I'd never read before. It astounded me.

I did know that we all use far too much detergent in our washing machines. Years ago I tested that out by "washing" clothes for a couple of cycles WITHOUT any detergent. They got just as clean as though I'd used it. It followed that we use too much dishwashing "soap" as well.

From there, the article threw in some advice from an appliance repairman. Here's the thing that made me shake my head and go, "I didn't know that!"

If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, use it more than once a year. However, don't use it right before Thanksgiving!

Here's the reason: the process heats everything up to a terrific level, putting stress on anything that has a weakness. The repairman said if something is going to go out, it will do so right after you do the self-cleaning thing. He added that he gets a lot of calls around holiday time.

Now, how can I use that fact in a historical novel? Any ideas?


  1. Good luck with that! :D

  2. I use the self-cleaning feature in my oven twice or more a year during the season change, when I don't want to use the heater! Works great to make at least our kitchen and family room nice and toasty, and keeps my oven clean.

  3. Oh, you mean the self cleaning oven doesn't clean itself--I have to do it?


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